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Jobs in India
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Job - this word has significance for many people in different countries of the World.

Whether you are looking for employment today, or researching employment opportunities for tomorrow, using the largest english-russian portal for employment - - you'll find your job quickly and easily.

With us you can find the full list of vacancies in Europe, USA, Russia and CIS countries. Among thousands of ads on topic "find a job", you can find the one that deals specifically with you and will become your new job.

All jobs around the world are available on the portal The job search using our portal is very quick, simple and effective. turns the tedious job search in a rapid and successful result.

Work in UAEOur company is engaged in job search assistance in the United Arab Emirates. UAE is one of the fastest growing regions in the world, resulting form the permanent demand for foreign experts in various fields.

We specialize in recruitment for hotel complexes, as well as catering. Nevertheless, we are receiving applications for professionals of other sectors: IT-specialists, doctors, specialists for the oil industry workers in the services.

All the companies offer their employees the UAE a month's leave after a year of work in the UAE. As payment for the ticket home and back again, this issue is solved individually - the better you are working in the UAE, the greater the chance that your expences would be covered, including the way back home. In the UAE you will have to work no more than 40 hours, the excess of this limit is usually compensated separately.

Those companies with whom we deal, have been carefully se... Read more »
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Jobs in England This is a program of seasonal work in agriculture for students and graduates on the farms of Great Britain, at least three months.

For participants who have experience of at least 1 year or a degree in agriculture, may be offered junior management positions. This is a good opportunity to learn modern agricultural techniques and technology (planting, fertilizing, watering, collecting / mechanized harvesting) on the basis of the leading UK farms.

Farms, which offered jobs, registered in the Gangmaster Licencing Authority, which ensures compliance with UK legislation, statutes and regulations of the organization, the regulatory actions of employers of seasonal workers in agriculture.
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Job EgyptThis program is suitable for students who can spend 2 month summer vacation in Egypt, graduates who wish to gain international experience in tourism and all others who dream to see the world and wish to visit exotic countries, want to make new friends, develop their artistic talents and to improve foreign language. If you are energetic, communicative and willing to learn, while working in Egypt - this programme is for you!

We work with 4 and 5 star hotels in Egypt. Most hotels are located in Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh, Taba, Marsa Lam.

Cost of the program - 200 euros for women animators and 250 euros for the guys and all competing for jobs hostesses and gest-rileyshn (in cost is included service of the selection of employment, assistance in organizing the move to Egypt, information packet, coaching in Egypt).
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